Oddball projects

Here are some projects from recent Sketchbook Skool courses. What I am being exposed to, and find myself more and more drawn to, is illustration. Illustration used to be considered inferior to fine art and maybe it still is considered that, but I find illustration more difficult, demanding, and creative than some of what I see in fine art. There is the discipline that comes from actually trying to communicate, for one thing. You can’t have the attitude of “I’m the artist, you figure it out.” You have agreed to be understood and you have the obligation to try to speak to your audience. I suspect the really brilliant artists of our time are illustrators. Illustration makes some fine art seem empty, pretentious and boring to me. While illustration seems more of our time, of our culture, of our everyday life. Not that I think I am one of the brilliant illustrators of my day. Let me put in a humility disclaimer, please.

My projects: 1) A cartoonish portrait of my grandmother with a saying of hers she used when she had an idea, 2) A poem of mine in mixed hand lettering, 3) An infographic about my grade school years,  4) Some art journaling added over a couple previous sketchbook pages, 5) Illustrating my dinner, 6) Flower faces, 7) The Silverware Family cartoon characters


I have stayed away from drawing people and portraits. You can’t fake it, just the slightest misstep shows. But if I stop thinking of drawing portraits and think of drawing cartoons, a whole new world opens up. I can just relax and see what happens and what happens very often is very expressive. And I can work from photos.


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